Love from abroad

Kareem and Romaine 


Kareem met Romaine face-to-face after communicating via telephone for several months. Since she was living in Edmonton and Romaine is from Toronto, a mutual church friend introduced them to each other. It was that first moment in which Kareem beheld her Prince Charming for the first time. She describes that first moment of seeing her tall, handsome future husband as captivating and life changing. Throughout her time in Toronto, she experienced and felt nothing short of mutual love and happiness. Kareem prayed and fasted for God’s direction in her relationship and she received confirmation that he was the one. 


Kareem loves that Romaine is a great listener as he gives great advice. She also appreciates that he loves her for who she is yet he also brings out the best in her. Kareem would simply say that Romaine is her everything— the special one God made for her.