Beauty & The Beast

Candice and Athol met about thirteen years ago at a gospel night hosted by APYU at York University. Candice was asked to play the song “Total Praise”, and Athol accompanied her on the piano. From then on they hit it off! They started seeing more of each other at church events and eventually realized that their churches belonged to the same organization. They’ve been friends ever since.  


Candice loves a lot of things about Athol. She finds him inspiring because he is one of the most authentic and passionate people that she knows. Athol can be very objective and analytical, (which annoys Candice at times), but shhh…she secretly loves it because it challenges her to reflect and grow in different ways. Candice also loves that Athol’s selfless and affectionate, that he makes sure to take care of those he loves, and that he never holds back in showing that he cares.


Her most memorable moment of Athol is the first time that she saw him cry. A few years ago she had to go to the doctor for her annual esophagus check-up. She hates going to this appointment because it’s very painful, and so knowing that she usually procrastinates in booking this appointment Athol offered to go with her. When they were in the room the doctor asked Athol who he was to her. Athol said that he was her friend and the doctor replied, “Yeah…sure.” He started the procedure of putting a tube through her nose, mouth, and throat. She began to cry because of the discomfort and through her tears, she noticed that Athol took off his glasses and was rubbing his eyes. Laughing but still crying she asked, “Dude are you crying!?” Athol, sobbing at this point said, “I think I just got something in my eye,” but Candice knew that he was crying just because she was crying. The doctor looked at both of them and said, “Friends, eh? I’ll stay out of this one.”  The rest is history…


His favorite saying:

“Sorry to bother you.”